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CE Bathtub Refinishing Los Angeles

Tub Reglazing Los Angeles

­Bathtub refinishing Los Angeles

CE bathtub refinishing in the Los Angeles­  resurface bathtubs, wall tile, sinks and countertops.  We provide affordable bathroom renovation solutions in the Los Angeles . We take great pride in all of our  bathtub refinishing and tile reglazing projects. We use only commercial grade top quality products and materials  which are not available in regular hardware store.

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CE bathtub refinishing proudly provides  quick and mess-free tub restoration solutions.  You wont need to do any demolition, or remove the tub because bathtub and tile reglazing takes place at your home bathroom. Either you need a fast fixer upper solution for a rental bathroom or you are trying to sale house and looking for a quick  tub face-lift at affable rate and short time frame the CE bathtub refinishing solution will recreate a brand new look your outdated bathroom. Whether your bathtub, tiles, sink or countertop are discolored, damaged or simply old and ugly CE Refinishing will give your old fixture a fresh new look in as little as a few of hours.

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Renovate bathroom in the Los Angeles at a low cost with CE bathtub Refinishing by reglazing existing tub  , tile and countertops. Create a new brand new look with 3 different shades of white color options or build a custom color pallet to ensure an exact match to any decor or existing fixtures. Bathroom resurfacing provides to homeowners a new renovated sparking bathroom with a high quality  tub coating, which is durable and long lasting finish. We specialize in claw foot tubs, steel tubs, cast iron tubs, fiberglass tubs, acrylic tubs , Jacuzzi and shower refinishing and resurfacing. Moreover we reglaze bathroom tile , refinish kitchen and bathroom countertops, update bathroom sinks.

Need a new tub? Dirty tiles? Renovation with tub replacing vs. existing tub reglazing

Why pay more when you can get the same new bathroom look and warranty at a fraction of the renovation cost? Moreover, bathtub replacing usually requires an massive  amount of labor , time and materials. Therefore tub replacing is excessive, messy and time consuming renovation approach. While choosing to reglaze and resurface the existing bathtub  will save you time, and a lot of money!

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Services provided by CE Bathtub Refinishing Los Angeles:

Surface refinishing and reglazing of Bathtubs including claw foot, steel, cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic, Jacuzzi tubs

Shower refinishing

Sinks reglazing

bathroom and kitchen  new Countertops coating with a faux-stone finishes or solid color

Ceramic tiles walls and floor recoating

Porcelain tiles reglazing


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