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CE Bathtub Refinishing Redondo Beach

Bathtub Refinishing Service Redondo Beach

Thinking about bathroom renovation ? Save Time and money by refinishing existing tub and tile.
CE Bathtub refinishing in Redondo Beach provide reglazing and resurfacing options for the claw foot, steel, cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic, Jacuzzi tubs, showers, sinks and counter-tops .
Refinishing your bathroom tub or tile is the better alternative to replacing it since it takes only couple hours and it is very affordable bathroom renovation option. CE bathtub refinishing in Redondo Beach is a team of professionals and we use only top quality commercial grade tub and tile coating materials which create a durable and shining topcoat . First, technical will stripe of old coating and fix the tub cracks and any chips by seamlessly filling them in with a special solution. Next, chemical adhesion will by applied following by new topcoat. And of cause safety of our clients stands first ! Non-slip texture will be added to the bathtub. Avoid slips and falls with a safe and secure feeling for your tub.

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There are many options you need to be aware of when getting your tub refinished in the Redondo Beach . We will go over in detail the many options available to you for tile and tub refinishing.
Tile repair
Colors & Accents
Square footage
Bring your bathroom back to life without spending thousands of dollars. Consider a low cost tub reglazing option. Our professionally trained technicians will transform the look of your bathroom in hours.
There is no need to rip out a good tub, worry about its disposal, or demolish old tile. Most bathroom fixtures can be reglased. We will resurface existing bathroom and bring back the brand new look and shine to your tub and tiles and its all done in less then one day! So that you can enjoy the NEW looking bathroom again!
If your tub or tiles are old, damaged, has a dated color or is simply hard to clean
REGLAZE IT with CE bathtub refinishing in Redondo Beach.

To Pre-book our services please call 323-388-4855 Today!

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